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About Us


National Education Society of India “NESI” was founded with a noble thinking to spread education over the country & since has been devoted to impart quality education to fellow Indians. Our vision and mission is to be at the fore front of educational development and provide excellence in education by preparing, developing peoples and educators.The vision of National Education Society of India is to provide quality education to students enrolled with NESI.Students are given a thorough knowledge and build foundation in both theoretical and practical aspects . NESI is top and renowned Training institute in India. NESI is very well equipped institute, our faculty are highly qualified and experienced. The course prepares the students for imparting education not only as an intellectual but also as a person with area of social concern.


NESI Courses provides a platform for aspiring as well as professionals to facilitate student-centric learning. National Education Society of India is a renowned institution which is working to make a glorious career. We are growing on a well-organized plan for it and boosting proper temperament and analytical skills to the students. This new understanding should be passed on to all parents, reductionists and other persons interested in student because education in the right time and in the right path could really change the present and future of the society. Studying at NESI , gears up a student for success in the professional work. There has been high level of innovative growth and curricula development to match the demands of the rapidly changing challenges, ensuring that the tenure associate with NESI is skilled with the latest knowledge.


NESI has distinguished itself as unique educational institute imparting end-to-end education to students. The Spirit of NESI is not to use big resources, but to use right resources at the right time. Thus, NESI has emerged as social-driven institute, committed to produce professionals to manage the vital sectors of the Indian economy. That’s why the educational & developmental programmes offered by the Institute are based on the student’s requirements and are focused on providing a strong conceptual foundation to those aspiring for a position and career opportunities. With a vision of complete satisfaction and care towards the student, NESI has stepped into the world of international standards by acquiring ISO 9001:2008 certification.